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Commercial concrete repair Canada wide. Concrete repair and restoration specialists; resurfacing, crack and joint repair, slab repair, Floors, Walls, Slabs and Spalling fixed fast and right.


Commercial Concrete Repair

Commercial concrete repair

Repairing commercial concrete for large and small business. You can rest assured our professional concrete repair contractors will do it right the first time.

Why hire a different concrete repair contractor in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal?

Our commercial concrete repair company, can serve your commercial concrete needs, coast to coast; warehouse floor repaired in Surrey BC today, and uneven or broken concrete parking garage fixed in Edmonton or Ottawa the same day.

If you manage more than one location or locations in cities across Canada you will love our commercial concrete repair service


We make it easy for you;

One Call.  One Contractor.  Any Concrete Project.

Anywhere in Canada.


Concrete Crack Repair

Cracked concrete floor repair


Repairing cracks in concrete should be completed as soon as possible in order to reduce costs, assess the severity of the crack, and determine if there is any danger to the structure or people who use it. Cracks in floors can create serious trip hazards, exposing your business to legal liability. Large cracks in walls, suspended slab ceilings, parking structures, or structural supports need to be assessed ASAP.





 Concrete Joint Repair / Floor Leveling / Grinding

Concrete repair


Concrete floor joints, are a frequent problem in warehouses and commercial structures. Uneven joints pose problems for machinery and people. Floor leveling can be achieved by grinding away excess material on the high side while adding material to the low side of the joint. We then grind the concrete level and smooth, using our dustless grinding system, and finish the joint perfectly. No more tripping or hung up machinery.




 Concrete Spalling Repair

Concrete Spalling Repair


Concrete spalling results from moisture penetration through small cracks, and porous concrete, rusty rebar, as well as extreme high temperatures and or issues with the original placement. Regardless of the cause of spalling, the faster you address it, the less it will cost you in the end. Concrete spalling is like a cancer, growing and exposing the substrate to more moisture, which will further rust any structural rebar. Spalling in overhead environments can create a danger of falling debris, which is an obvious health and safety hazard.








Sidewalk Repair / Pathway Maintenance

Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalks and pathways should be quickly and properly repaired to prevent injury and legal liability.
King Concrete Services can expertly repair and maintain any commercial sidewalk or pathway.

Are your sidewalks and footpaths looking old, stained, broken and chipped? Concrete can be restored to look like new. We remove damaged and loose concrete, repair and fill holes and cracks, and grind them smooth and level. Or we can overlay your sidewalk to appear brand new or add a decorative pattern or design.



  • Pre-cast Concrete Restoration

  • Deep Pours

  • Very Thin Applications

  • Structural Restoration

  • Concrete Sloping Restoration

  • Handicapped Access Ramps


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