Amazing Uses for Concrete in Residential Home Design

Amazing Uses for Concrete in Residential Home Design

Who says concrete is just for foundations? When it comes to choosing unique, cost-effective design materials, concrete is not only budget friendly, it’s durability makes it a smart option for nearly any application.

Residential Curbing

Curbs are more than simply a barrier that separates your lawn from the street, curbs can also serve as a decorative feature, adding an expertly finished, polished look to your home. Without a curb, roots are free to travel unhindered, there is no separation from the street, and driveways are often quicker to erode.

Concrete curbs, if correctly installed, are virtually maintenance free. If your home currently has curbs, it is more likely than not that they will never need curb repairs. However, unforeseen circumstances do occur, and if your curbs have been damaged, are chipped or cracked, professional concrete curb repairs in Richmond are recommended. While some curb repairs may appear easy to manage, incorrectly performed repairs can lead to more costly fixes than if they had simply be done by professionals from the start.

Landscape Edging   

Just like a curb provides separation for your lawn and driveway from the street, edging provides separation for your planters and garden from the rest of your lawn. With many styles and features to choose from, including colour options and concrete stamping, concrete edging can be designed to fit in with any landscaping. Unlike other popular edging materials such as wood, which will rot, or bricks, which frequently shift, concrete edging, once installed, requires virtually no upkeep.

Concrete Driveways

Both asphalt and concrete are popular choices for driveways, they are structurally similar, sand and stone aggregates held together by either cement or tar. However concrete driveways offer a longer life expectancy, up to 40 years for concrete, compared to 20-25 for asphalt, and offer more options for visual customization. While asphalt comes in one colour, near black, concrete can be tinted to just about any colour you desire, and can be stamped or brushed into a variety of finishes.

Concrete Patios

Richmond is fortunate to be able to benefit from mild weather that allows outdoor spaces to be used virtually all year round, and great patio is a the perfect way to enjoy outdoor living. While wood decks require significant upkeep and are prone to rot, and patios made from hand-laid pavers can be quite expensive, concrete patios are quick to install, durable, cost-effective, and very simple to maintain.

While curb repairs or occasional resealing services may be required, concrete curbs, edging, driveways, and patios are a great choice for homeowners looking for high-quality, low cost residential design solutions.