Asphalt Repairs May Be Better than Asphalt Replacement

Asphalt Repairs May Be Better than Asphalt Replacement

If you are responsible for asphalt at your home or your business, you already know about the benefits of that kind of paving material. It is smooth and easy to maintain and keep clean. It also has a certain professional aesthetic to it that cannot be matched by another style of paving. This is true if asphalt is well cared for and regularly maintained. Taking care of small problems when they arise will save you in the long run. To make sure your asphalt stays smooth and good looking, make sure to know when you need asphalt repairs, before you end up needing asphalt replacement.

Here are some problems you should look out for that might need asphalt repairs:

Bird baths: This is the name given to the depressions you see in asphalt. They can collect water and weaken the asphalt even more.

Pot Holes: Bird baths are small depressions that can collect water and that water can, over time, create more serious damage, with pot holes forming.

Alligator Cracking: When there is a structural failureof your asphalt, that is when you can start seeing “alligator cracking” appear. It is named that because, well, it looks like alligator scales on the road. This can also lead to potholes.

Other cracks you can expect in asphalt are Edge Cracks, Slip Cracks, and Slippage Cracks. There are also Ruts, Shoving and Raveling to take care of when you deal with damaged asphalt.

These problems are all very easy to deal with when you see the first signs of them appear. You need to stay on top these repairs to make sure do not have to completely replace your asphalt.

Asphalt is repaired by doing one of two kinds of sealing. You can get cold pour sealant; that is a quick fix that will last about a year. A hot pour sealant will last longer, but costs a bit more.

The most common cause of these kind of asphalt problems can be environmental. Here in the lower mainland, our huge annual rainfall can cause water damage, and if you add a sudden drop in temperature, cracks and ruts are bound to occur.

The kind of cracks you are dealing with and the kind of sealant you need should be looked over by a professional. King Services has asphalt repairs services and will be able to give you a professional opinion on your problem and a quote for what it will cost to repair.