Dangers of Pothole Repairs to Avoid

Dangers of Pothole Repairs to Avoid

Extreme weather, heavily loaded vehicles, and years of traffic eventually wear down our roads, causing potholes. Driving over a pothole can be very hard on your car, and the deeper the hole, the more the damage.

Repairing potholes is the responsibility of your local municipality. Since lane closure is necessary, most pothole repairs get done during less busy traffic hours. You might see service vehicles parked on the road to protect workers from oncoming vehicles. Repairing potholes can be a dangerous situation for workers and commuters alike, so it’s important to exercise caution if you find yourself navigating around pothole repair.

Read on for some tips to keep yourself and others safe during pothole repair. Always slow down when driving past service vehicles and road workers. For private asphalt repairs in Coquitlam, click here.

1. Breathing in Hot Asphalt Fumes is Hazardous to your Health

Hot asphalt, also known as bitumen, is what is most commonly used to fill potholes. However, bitumen damages the environment, so some cities and private companies are making the switch to a more environmentally friendly option.

Many road workers (and workers in other industries who handle hot asphalt) suffer from headaches, rashes, and fatigue from breathing in the hot asphalt. In addition, hot asphalt can damage tissues in your nose, throat, and eyes.

If you happen to be driving past a site that is working with hot asphalt, roll up the windows to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes.

2. Hot Asphalt Can Burn Your Skin

Hot asphalt is, obviously, hot. When it’s heated, bitumen takes on a liquid, sticky consistency. It acts like glue to repair the damage done by potholes and cracks.

It is extremely hot, so crews must use caution when pouring hot asphalt. If hot asphalt gets on your skin, it will adhere to your skin and you need a medical professional to get it off. In addition, it is flammable. One way you can keep road crews safe is to avoid throwing lit cigarettes out the window of your car (or flicking hot ash) if you’re driving past a road construction site. Even if they aren’t actively pouring asphalt, it’s a good practice to get into.

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