Don’t Delay on Concrete Curb Repairs

Don’t Delay on Concrete Curb Repairs

Spring and summer are the two seasons that cracks in concrete really come to the forefront. After a hard winter, full of both rain and freezing temperatures, concrete around Vancouver is cracked and chipped and in need of concrete curb repairs.

If you think you need concrete curb repairs in Vancouver, ask yourself a few questions first. For example, are you able to identify the type of damage that has been done to the concrete? When fixing concrete, identifying the exact type of damage is step one. There are a few different types of concrete damage. Plastic-shrinkage cracks are one type of damage that run to mid-depth in the concrete. These cracks are distributed across the surface unevenly and are usually short in length. They typically occur when the surface of the concrete dries too rapidly relative to the concrete below, causing concerns. Hairline cracks on the other hand are typically thin in width, but fairly deep. Due to their depth, they can become larger after the concrete has hardened.

Should you want to conquer concrete curb repairs in Vancouver on your own, you’re in for a bit of intense work. Making sure you have the right tools, properly cleaning the area, and getting the right type of repair product are all important things to consider.

Most concrete curb repair projects require, at the minimum, a nylon brush to clean the area, as well as a hammer and chisel to remove loose concrete before repairing. It is recommended to pressure wash the area in preparation and allow the area to dry completely before applying any products.

The size of the crack will help determine the type of product to use. For smaller cracks, look for fillers that can be used in interior and exterior applications, including slabs, walkways and driveways. The product should also protect from water penetration. For larger cracks, look for a cement patcher that has a high-strength of 5,000 psi and sets in around 20 minutes for rapid repair.

Keep in mind when performing concrete curb repairs that you won’t be able to match the original colour of the concrete. Depending on the elements at the time of mixing and the conditions when it was poured, concrete will tell a different story.

If you need concrete curb repairs in Vancouver, look for an expert who knows concrete and call them right away. Don’t give your concrete more time to crack and degrade.