Ensuring the Best Concrete Floor Repairs in Vancouver

Ensuring the Best Concrete Floor Repairs in Vancouver

While your roof provides protection, your floors provide stability for both you and your home or business. This is why it’s important to ensure that your floors are best suited to your needs.

Concrete is quite often used for creating strong and durable flooring. It offers a long-lasting advantage over other flooring types, such as wood or laminate, while still remaining relatively low maintenance.

Even with its generally low maintenance, on occasion cracks do happen, and repairs are required. When dealing with concrete floor repairs in Vancouver, it is important to go with a trusted expert, to ensure that your home or business remains in tip top shape.

These professionals will begin by first assessing the damage to your concrete floor to determine the best way to proceed. After the assessment has been done, the contractor will begin by first clearing and cleaning the area around the crack to ensure that it can be successfully repaired. This will often require the use of a pressure washer and vacuum. It is extremely important that this stage be done correctly, or the sealing agent will not adhere to the sides properly, leading to further repairs needed in the future.

Once the cracked area has been cleaned, the appropriate sealing can be applied and left to set. In many cases, the technician will use a latex sealing agent. These types of agents are able to expand and contract with the concrete during hot and cold temperatures. This will ensure that a new crack doesn’t form.

Once the sealing agent has been applied and has properly bonded, the entire concrete slab should be painted over with cement coating. Cement coating is used to sure that the crack sealing agent is also sealed off and not exposed to the elements, such as rain or snow.

When sealing the crack, besides ensuring that the area is clean, the technician will ensure that no snow or water gets into the crack, as this can also lead to damage, and the repair will have to be completely redone.

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