How to Detect and Repair Moisture Damage in Your Concrete Floors

How to Detect and Repair Moisture Damage in Your Concrete Floors

Despite its rough exterior, concrete is actually quite porous, and even after it hardens, moisture continues to flow in and out of it. There is a right and wrong amount of moisture allowance to have in your concrete flooring, and finding the right level can be difficult. Having too much moisture in your concrete floor can cause significant damage to flooring materials laid over top, particularly in areas such as basements. Professional concrete floor repair in Langley can address moisture issues and help prevent expensive repairs to hardwood, laminate, and carpeted floors.

If you have begun to notice areas where small pop-outs are appearing in the concrete the usual culprit is excessive moisture. In these cases the problems typically stems from problems with the initial composition and the type of aggregates used in the concrete.

Spalling is another common sign of excess moisture in concrete slabs and most often appears in areas that are prone to freezing and thawing as temperatures fluctuate. Spalling is simply an area where small chips of concrete begin to separate from the slab, and is often found in basements and garages. Causes of spalling include improper curing, bad concrete mix, and poor installation technique.

If you have detected signs of moisture infiltration, you have several options for repair, however you should seek out professional concrete floor repair advice before attempting any DIY fixes.

Patching concrete imperfections is one repair option, and if you have some basic tools, skill, and a lot of time, it can be done as a DIY project. However there are many steps and each must be done correctly to avoid separation.

If the pop-ups or spalling cover more than a small area, grinding is another repair option. In this case, a layer of concrete will be ground from surface of the concrete floor and an epoxy coating will be applied over-top to help prevent future imperfections. This isn’t typically a do-it-yourself project and professional concrete floor repair in Langley is highly recommended.

In the worst case scenario, you may need to have your current concrete slab demolished, removed, and replaced. This is clearly the costliest option, however if done correctly, can help ensure that moisture problems do not continue to recur.