Keep Your Floor in Good Condition with Concrete Floor Repair

Keep Your Floor in Good Condition with Concrete Floor Repair

One of the traits of concrete is that it can crack. While concrete flooring is thought of as a strong, durable floor, it is also porous and prone to cracking. Concrete floor repair is something that will be inevitable. It is important to be able to know when to call for concrete floor repair in Langley.

While some cracks can have serious structural consequences and can lead to serious damage, and even accidents if not addressed properly and quickly, other cracks will not need this amount of immediate attention. In order to be able to tell if you need concrete floor repair in Langley, the first step to assess the cracks and identify the extent of the cracks and damage, and the cause. Depending on the cause of the cracking, the method of concrete floor repair Langley will vary.

An easy, and simple way to classify concrete cracks, is to classify them into one of two categories. Structural and non-structural cracks. Structural cracking affects the integrity of the building, and includes cracking support beams, columns, and load bearing areas. Some structural cracks can allow water to corrode the interior reinforcing steel, which weakens the structure even more. Non-structural cracks are not detrimental to the building’s integrity. However, they may need to be addressed for cosmetic reasons, other safety concerns, or because of the risk that they can turn into structural cracks over time. If there is water leaking near non-structural cracks, overtime these non-structural cracks can become structural cracks and will require concrete floor repair in Langley.

There are various ways to go about concrete floor repair Langley. Epoxy injections can be used for concrete crack repairs. There are many epoxy types and uses, and some epoxy can be made for structural concrete bonding.

Concrete floor repair in Langley can also be required for uneven floors, in order to remove tripping hazards. Chipped, cracked, and uneven floors can pose as a danger not just for slips, trips, and falls, but to machinery as well. Damaged concrete floors that are ignored will get worse over time and will eventually require a total replacement, rather than just concrete floor repair Langley.

This is why it is advisable to get concrete floor repair in Langley as soon as you notice any damages. By smoothing and filling cracks and returning concrete floors to a safe, smooth surface, you are ensuring the longevity of your concrete floor.

Another way to ensure that your concrete floor will not chip, crack, or break is to coat it in a resin coating, such as epoxy. Concrete is naturally porous, is susceptible to water damage, and can absorb liquids such as oils, grease, and water.

Concrete floor repair in Langley has the potential to be permanent, or nearly permanent. A properly done concrete repair can make concrete floors last another 20 to 30 years. In order to ensure that your concrete floor lasts a long time, it is recommended to seal concrete floors every 2 to 5 years.