4 Ways to Prevent Concrete Floor Damage in Your Warehouse

February 22, 2018 admin

There are a number of key requirements that warehouses really need from their floors: smoothness, durability, and evenness being three of most central. Warehouses tend to use concrete floors [...]

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3 Things to Know About Stamped Concrete

February 8, 2018 admin

Everyone wants their property to be stunning, but no one wants to have to shell out the huge amount of money that is often necessary. If you are refinishing [...]

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Concrete Epoxy Crack Repair

January 9, 2018 admin

When you notice a crack in the concrete in your garden at home, or your business entrance, it can seem like a real pain. Concrete is such a solid [...]

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Top Reasons for Sealing Concrete in Your Home

December 19, 2017 admin

Concrete is a tough and durable choice for keeping your outdoor spaces looking neat and well-maintained. Like any flooring you’d choose for your home, however, it does need a [...]

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Why Concrete Walkway Resurfacing is an Essential Task

December 5, 2017 admin

If your home or business has a concrete walkway that is in disrepair, having it resurfaced sooner rather than later is highly advised. With companies and contractors specializing in [...]

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The Top 3 Reasons Why to Sealcoat Your Asphalt Parking Lot or Driveway

November 16, 2017 admin

Asphalt is one of the best materials around for paving. It is why we see it so often in parking lots or driveways. When we get asphalt we do [...]

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4 Times That Commercial Concrete Slabs Can Be the Best Choice

November 3, 2017 admin

For anyone planning a renovation or construction project at their workplace or home, using commercial concrete slabs can be a great choice. Below, we have listed four different occasions [...]

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Benefits of a Concrete Parking Lot

October 24, 2017 admin

It may not immediately strike you as one of the most important parts of your commercial property or business, but when you think about it, a parking lot really [...]

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Commonly Asked Questions When Getting a Stamped Concrete Driveway

October 4, 2017 admin

Are you considering a stamped concrete driveway in Vancouver? Do you have any questions that need answering? If so, read on, as we go about clarifying some of the [...]

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Why Concrete Sidewalks Can Be a Great Addition to Your New Home

September 22, 2017 admin

Whether you are planning your new home, or are in the middle of the project already, using concrete for your sidewalks can make a great addition to your home. [...]

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