Asphalt Repairs Burnaby

June 3, 2019 admin

If you have a property in Burnaby and if that property has asphalt on it, at some point you will be in need of asphalt repair in Burnaby. Asphalt [...]

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What causes the need for asphalt repairs in Langley?

May 20, 2019 admin

Nothing makes a place look more rundown than deteriorating pavement. Cracks, potholes, and vegetation growth require asphalt repairs. In Langley, the rain and unpredictable winters can really do a [...]

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Parking Lot Repairs Langley

April 29, 2019 admin

Out here in Langley, everything is within driving distance. Your business is no different. This means it is important to stay on top of parking lot repairs in Langley. [...]

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Parking Lot Repairs Made Easy

April 8, 2019 admin

If you’ve ever thought it can’t be that hard to repair a parking lot, think again. It can be a fairly complicated process and specific thought must be given [...]

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Asphalt Repairs Can Rejuvenate Your Parking Lot

March 25, 2019 admin

Paving is a never ending, but essential job. Some of the most frequent complaints a business will receive are about the quality of their parking lots. If you own [...]

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Need Parking Lot Repairs?

February 5, 2019 admin

It is now a new year, but it is not a new season by any stretch of the imagination. It is cold out there and will be for a [...]

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Potholes? We Have the Answer! Asphalt Repairs Coquitlam

January 15, 2019 admin

As a business owner in Coquitlam, you probably know how important having a vehicle is, not only for you but also for you staff and customers. While certain areas [...]

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Why You Need Curb Repairs in Richmond ASAP

January 6, 2019 admin

Do you live in Richmond and have noticed the curb on the sidewalk outside of your home or on your property is cracked or broken? At King Services Construction [...]

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Asphalt Repair in Coquitlam

December 9, 2018 admin

It is coming to the wet season here in the lower mainland. The heat and sunshine we had this summer and spring were lovely, but it is Canada and [...]

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Asphalt Repairs May Be Better than Asphalt Replacement

November 2, 2018 admin

If you are responsible for asphalt at your home or your business, you already know about the benefits of that kind of paving material. It is smooth and easy [...]

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