Potholes? We Have the Answer! Asphalt Repairs Coquitlam

Potholes? We Have the Answer! Asphalt Repairs Coquitlam

As a business owner in Coquitlam, you probably know how important having a vehicle is, not only for you but also for you staff and customers. While certain areas in Coquitlam are transit accessible, not everywhere is and sometimes a car is needed anyway, to transport heavy items or a lot of bags.

Vehicles need to be in good condition and while it is up to the vehicle owner to keep their car or truck maintained, keeping the roads and parking lots in good working order contributes to vehicles running efficiently. When there are chips, cracks, and even worse, potholes, cars can become damaged.

If the driveway, parking lot or roads in the vicinity of your business has potholes, it can be very off-putting to those going there. Employees will become disgruntled and morale could be affected, as well as attendance, if they need to take time off to repair their vehicles. Customers will also be less likely to visit the premises if they find that there are potholes in the parking lot, as it is not a welcoming atmosphere and they will not want their cars to be damaged.

Asphalt Repairs in Coquitlam

Don’t despair if this is the current state of the premises on and surrounding your business – it can be rectified. Call the team at King Services for quick and efficient asphalt repairs in Coquitlam. We service all the major areas of the Lower Mainland, offering effective asphalt repairs in Coquitlam and other regions for chips, crack and even potholes.

When you call us for asphalt repairs, our team will come and inspect the area and offer you an estimate as well as a repair plan. If you choose to go with us, our expert team with our top of the range equipment will ensure your potholes will be gone and the surface of your premises’ parking lot will be smooth, refined, and inviting.

Maintenance is Important

To make sure that this does not happen again, we encourage our clients to regularly inspect their parking lot and other asphalt areas. This simple method of maintenance will alert you to chips and small cracks at the early stages. Treating this type of asphalt repair in Coquitlam is quick and simple and you know exactly whom to call when you discover them!