Sealing Your Driveway and Other Ways to Maintain It

Sealing Your Driveway and Other Ways to Maintain It

You may already know from reading our blog at King Services that asphalt is one of our favourite materials to use for creating perfect driveways. You would find it hard to fault this durable material, which creates a super smooth and non-distracting driveway that your vehicle’s tires will appreciate.

However, we always advise our clients who avail of asphalt paving to maintain it properly. This doesn’t require a lot of work and is a simple way of making sure you get a return of a long-lasting driveway on your investment of going with asphalt paving. Maintaining it involves sealing you driveway, which is something we can do for you after we lay it down. Driveway sealing provides an extra layer of protection to your asphalt driveway, when it comes to all the regular things that can create wear and tear on it. Sealing your driveway is an excellent way to help maintain it.

Another way we advise our clients to maintain their asphalt driveway, along with sealing your driveway, is to check it regularly. Every now and again, give it a once over for chips or holes starting to form. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. By catching small chips when they are just that, you can help prevent potholes down the line, by filling them and helping hold the overall structure of the surface of your driveway together. If you see something, like a large rock on your driveway, move it to the side so it won’t create a dent in it when a vehicle drives over it.

If you have not been maintaining your asphalt driveway, or have bought a property that had an asphalt driveway without driveway sealing, there is no need to despair. Whatever state that your driveway might be in, it is possible for us a King Services to fix it. We can fill in chips or potholes, along with sealing your driveway, so it can look just like new again. We will also be happy to offer you expert tips in regards to maintaining your driveway in the future, to ensure that this does not happen to it again.

For all things asphalt driveway related, including sealing your driveway, we are the people that you need to call. Reach out to us at King Services today at 604-576-8666.