Tips From a Concrete Contractor for Dealing With Winter Driveways

Tips From a Concrete Contractor for Dealing With Winter Driveways

As winters become increasingly unpredictable, with this year being one of the coldest in the last decade, we look at some of the top tips from a concrete contractor on how to effectively deal with driveway maintenance.

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The Dangers Of Cracks

Cracks can be one of your biggest enemies when it comes to preserving your driveway during winter. As the rain and snow falls and finds its way into these cracks, it will then freeze when the temperature drops. As it freezes it expands in size, causing the cracks to become progressively larger.

If this happens only once or twice, you might not have a major issue on your hands, however, a continued process of this will mean these cracks become considerably larger, which is also when potholes start to form. Before you know it, winter will be over and you will be looking at hiring a contractor to repave your driveway, which is not an ideal solution.

Early Repair

One of the essential tips from a concrete contractor is to act early when you start to notice cracks appearing on your driveway. This is especially important to action before the colder weather of the winter sets in, with the cracks being more difficult and expensive to repair as the winter goes on.

The most effective way of repairing the cracks is to call a professional paving company, allowing them to repair and reseal your driveway to a strong and durable standard, ready for the winter.

Snow And Ice Removal

Another of the useful tips from a concrete contractor, which can help preserve your driveway during winter, is to use suitable snow removal equipment.

One of the common ways that your driveway can become damaged is by using a poor quality or broken shovel. If this consistently scrapes your driveway then it can cause additional damage, which is certain to be more of an expense than replacing your old shovel.

Remove Any Waste And Debris

Last on our tips from a concrete contractor, is to ensure you remove any unnecessary waste and debris that might be lying on your driveway. While this might look innocuous enough, certain substances and objects can lead to a quicker breakdown of the driveway surface, if they aren’t moved or cleared up.

Hopefully these tips from a concrete contractor will help keep your driveway in better condition over future winter periods.