What causes the need for asphalt repairs in Langley?

What causes the need for asphalt repairs in Langley?

Nothing makes a place look more rundown than deteriorating pavement. Cracks, potholes, and vegetation growth require asphalt repairs. In Langley, the rain and unpredictable winters can really do a number on your pavement. Here are some common asphalt problems and possible solutions.

Asphalt Cracks

As asphalt ages, it is very common for transverse and longitudinal cracks to develop. While they start small, condensation, freezing, and thawing can cause those cracks to expand rapidly. In the Lower Mainland, we often experiencing freezing temperatures overnight, leading to the opportunity for moisture to repeatedly freeze and thaw during a winter. For asphalt repairs in Langley, you will want to clean out any dirt or debris from the cracks before filling the cracks. To help prevent the cracks from forming, try sealcoating the pavement early.


Raveling happens when glue that holds the stone and sand particles of pavement together start to deteriorate. As the asphalt binder deteriorates, it’s creates raveling. When this happens, pieces of aggregate loosen and breakaway from the pavement, making it thinner and thinner. It will appear rough, and as time goes on, it will create a void for water to penetrate into, leading to additional cracks.

Vegetation Growth

If cracks are left unfilled, it’s common for grass, weeds, and other plants to pop up.Asphalt repairs in Langley play a critical role in keeping vegetation growth at bay. Not only does vegetation growth create an unkept looking area, but it can also create more damage to the pavement and create tripping hazards. For example, have you ever seen a tree coming up through a pavement surface? The roots of the tree can severely damage the asphalt, while creating a hazardous surface for walking. If you repair a simple crack before vegetation has a chance to sprout up, you may just save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement. If you need asphalt repairs in Langley, look for a reputable company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Review their past work and ask for references. Ensure that quotes are no-obligation and be as accurate as possible when requesting a quote. Above all, don’t let your pavement damage get so far gone that repairs are no longer an option.