What to Do With Damaged Concrete Sidewalks

What to Do With Damaged Concrete Sidewalks

Damaged concrete sidewalks stick out like a sore thumb, providing both an aesthetic and accessibility problem for those who need to use them. So, what should you do with damaged concrete sidewalks, then, as there are different options available to you.

Hiring a Professional

The first tip for resolving damaged concrete sidewalks, is that they are best left to a professional and experienced paving company or contractor to deal with.

While many people attempt to fix the sidewalks and other concrete areas themselves, without the necessary tools and equipment, your temporary fix might end up only lasting a short period of time.

Surprisingly, it can often work out to be a cheaper alternative to use a professional contractor, as the cost of tools and equipment can quickly add up to a substantial amount of money. Additionally, you are often covered for an extensive warranty, allowing future problems to be fixed, if they happen to arise.

Using a professional allows you to get the job finished in a quick and efficient manner, making it the recommended choice.

Repairing or Replacing

The next option you will be faced with for damaged concrete sidewalks, is whether you need to repair or replace them.

Many people jump to the conclusion they need to be ripped up, with an entirely new one laid down as a replacement. This is rarely required, however, as repairs can often change some of the most damaged concrete sidewalks into smooth and elegant walkways.

For sidewalks that are uneven in certain areas, or sunken, the concrete can be levelled in a much quicker and easier manner than ripping up and starting afresh. There are certainly times where a complete replacement makes sense, with a professional contractor being best positioned to advise when this is the case.

The Dangers of Damaged Concrete Sidewalks

While damaged concrete sidewalks might not sound like a particularly unsafe prospect, they are the reason behind a vast number of trips, falls and injuries each year. Consequently, having them fixed as soon as possible is a smart option, especially if you are a business owner.

In Summary

Damaged concrete sidewalks present aesthetic and accessibility problems, along with potential dangers to their users. A professional paving company can quickly restore the damaged sidewalk to a safe and elegant condition, with their expertise, knowledge and tools all providing ample reason to use them over the do-it-yourself approach.