Why Polished Concrete Floors are The Best Flooring For Your Commercial Space

Why Polished Concrete Floors are The Best Flooring For Your Commercial Space

Polished concrete floors might not be the first thing to come to mind when you’re choosing options for a commercial or retail space. Many people assume that concrete is only good for heavy industrial spaces, warehouses, and sidewalks. While this may be true, there are many types of concrete, and concrete finishes, that can make a retail space functional and beautiful.

To Start, What Is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a type of concrete that has been mechanically ground down in a six step process. The process uses diamond abrasives to grind down the top layer of existing or new concrete foundations, rather than adding a new layer for flooring. Then, a densifying solution is injected into the concrete to harden and solidify the slab, making it highly dust proof.

There are many benefits to using polished concrete floors in a commercial property; read on to learn why it might be the best option for you.


Concrete is one of the most affordable flooring options, especially for larger spaces. Polished concrete still has one of the lowest costs per square foot of installation and maintenance of any flooring option.

Customizable + Aesthetics

Not your average drab grey, polished concrete floors can be easily customized to meet branding and aesthetic requirements. Decorative colours, designs, and company logos can bring together a space and match brand standards. As well, this type of floor is quite reflective depending on the level of polish finish, making an ambient environment that enhances natural light coming through the windows.


Like all concrete, polished concrete is made to withstand heavy wear and tear. For example, moving retail displays and racks, withstanding heavy inventory equipment, and enduring foot traffic that worsens in bad weather. For example, wet or snow salted shoes bring in moisture that may deteriorate flooring over time.

Easily Maintained

Polished concrete is ground down to such a fine level that very little dust, allergens, or mold will make its way into the flooring. As well, cleaning is made easy with water, neutrally-balanced PH cleaners, or speciality products designed to upkeep polished concrete floors.


This method of concrete floor is approved as a green flooring option by LEED, which is a popular green building certification system. Many new buildings in Vancouver must now meet certain levels of LEED certification as a part of the city’s building codes. Polished concrete is considered green because it uses existing materials, rather than introducing new materials to cover the flooring. As well, it’s easy, low-toxin maintenance boosts its reputation for being environmentally friendly.