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Flexible bollards, steel or concrete bollards, provide invaluable safety and security for your business, equipment and people. Installing the right bollard for your business will save you money.

Flexible Bollards

KING-FLEX® Flexible Bollards are the best flexible bollards in Canada. Perfect for indoor or outdoor; flexible bollards not only protect what they are supposed to, but also reduce damage to vehicles, forklifts, and other moving objects that may impact them; saving damage and money.

Property Maintenance Services SurreyFlexible bollards save you considerable money in other ways as well. Standard rigid concrete or steel bollards need to be replaced and repaired more frequently, due to the fact that when impacted, they are often damaged, or left leaning like the Tower of Pisa. This leaves your property looking unkempt and without proper vehicle protection until the damaged unit can be repaired or replaced.  Flexible bollards spring back into position after impact, looking good and functioning as before.

short KING-FLEX® flexible bollards provide the best protection, longest life, and least amount of service, repair and maintenance to keep them looking like new. Even more important is in the unthinkable situation, where a person was to be pinned between a bollard and a forklift, truck or heavy object, the flexible bollard may save their life by flexing enough to reduce crushing injuries.

Flexible Bollards work well for guarding:

  • Warehouse Pallet Racking
  • Employee Work Stations
  • Expensive Equipment
  • Drive through: Banks, Fast food windows
  • Utility equipment, gas meters, electrical boxes, telephone switches…

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Concrete or Steel Security Bollards

Anti Ram Bollards made of concrete or steel, still have a place in security / prevention of rogue vehicles gaining access to restricted areas.

Security bollards are used to protect buildings from ramming by cars or trucks. Often used to prevent smash and grab burglary’s or as safety barriers to protect occupants and or sensitive equipment such as gas meters or ATM’s. King Services can install bollards to meet your specific needs.

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