Thinking of a DIY Concrete Project? Here’s Why You Should Think Again

Thinking of a DIY Concrete Project? Here’s Why You Should Think Again

When you’re renovating a home or building a business in Vancouver, there are often construction projects aplenty. There are many things you can do yourself with a bit of research and tools from your local hardware store. Concrete projects, however, are much more complicated than they seem. Read on to find out why your concrete project is best left to expert concrete contractors in Vancouver.

Caution- wet concrete!

Working with concrete incurs a great many safety concerns. If you’re considering a DIY concrete project for your Vancouver space, it’s important to remember that concrete is a caustic material. This means that it contains chemicals that can be dangerous to the skin and eyes if not handled properly. You need the right PPE like waterproof gloves and footwear, as well as protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the dust concrete produces. Even with the right safety gear, unless you have the knowledge and experience that professional concrete contractors in Vancouver have, working with concrete can lead to serious injury. Moreover, concrete is very heavy and best handled by an organized crew of workers familiar with loading, mixing, and pouring concrete.

More than meets the eye

When you see a contractor laying concrete it may look seamless and easy. This is an illusion born of years of experience with the material and its specifications. Concrete projects are not as simple as they appear to be and there are many considerations involved such as which type of concrete mix is right for the job, what thickness of slab is required, how long it will take to cure, and what sort of forms and reinforcements might be required to support the concrete. In Vancouver, we have a wide range of geography and weather that could affect a concrete project. Sloped areas, sand versus soil foundation, exposure to rain and snow, and many other factors need to be understood before pouring concrete. Moreover, there are multiple kinds of concrete mix available containing various aggregates and chemicals to meet a variety of construction needs, and they all perform and dry differently. Finding concrete contractors in Vancouver with extensive knowledge of concrete construction is essential to the success and lifespan of your project.

DIY projects can be budget-friendly and a great way to lower the costs of construction. In Vancouver, there’s no shortage of artisans and handy people tackling creative projects in their homes and businesses every day. Unfortunately, sometimes money saved initially on a DIY project ends up costing twice as much down the road. Hiring knowledgeable concrete contractors in Vancouver can save you time and money in the long run, because mistakes in a concrete project are difficult and costly to fix. Knowing that your project was done right and built to last, frees you up to spend your creative energy on projects that are far more fun and, well, far less concrete.